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If the sheriff had handed him over to ICE they would likely have just released him anyway.

ICE has been complaining that the sheriff released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez​ earlier this year when ICE had asked that he be held.  This, of course is due to San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy.  They are acting as if he had been remanded to ICE that he would not have been free to kill Kate Steinle.  But would that have likely been the result?

Do they think that we don’t remember that as recently as 2013 that ICE released 36,000 convicted felons on the promise that they would return for their deportation hearing?  There were something like 200 murderers released that year among those.  If they had custody of him, they would likely have just told him he had to show up for his deportation hearing in probably five years or so and let him go.

The best defense is a good offense.  This is just a bunch of phony outrage and finger pointing to distract from our feckless federal government’s failings.


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