Here you go, some of that nice European model health care that we are emulating.

This sounds like the best way for our new death panels to get control of that “27% of medical costs being spent on the last year of life” problem; just make the previous year your last year.  Problem solved!

Fearful elderly people carry ‘anti-euthanasia cards’ – Telegraph.


I am, of course, shocked! NOT!!

I wonder if any analyst would decide to (or already has) help out their favorite politician in an election.

NSA: Analysts spied on love interests – The Hill’s Hillicon Valley.

The prevaricator in chief said this regarding his demand that the House vote to increase the deficit:
“House Republicans will have to decide whether to join the Senate and keep the government open, or shut it down just because they can’t get their way on an issue that has nothing to do with the deficit.”

I kind of think that this is the second year that they did it is the big story.
Isn’t the testing program that they use on the kids focused on the progress they are making? I would say that they need a “reset”.

From DelawareOnline today:

The Department of Education appears to have accidentally included a number to a phone-sex hotline in its annual guide for applying to college scholarships.

A copy of this year’s edition of the Delaware Scholarship Compendium obtained by the News Journal lists an apparent mistyping of a number for Department of Education’s higher education office — the real number is 1-800-292-7935.

When the number included in the guide is called, an automated message picks up.

“Welcome to America’s hottest talk line,” the message says. “Ladies, interesting and exciting guys are waiting to talk to you; press one now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you; press two to connect free.”

Department of Education spokeswoman Alison May said the mistake, which appears in the letterhead at the top of the guide, was a mistake in last year’s letter that got carried into this year.

May said the department is printing out new letters and sending stickers to schools that already have the guide to cover up the incorrect number.

Had you heard about the mistake? Did you or your student call the wrong number? We want to hear from you. Call reporter Matthew Albright

Looks like county zoning boards could soon be a thing of the past; just like local control of schools.  Fed’s to  set the rules.

Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods | Fox News.

I am shocked.  I just caught up with this story from May.

This new high tech green data center to be built right next door to the long awaited Bloom Box plant in Newark is not going to purchase those clean efficient Bloom Boxes to power their new facility.   Say it isn’t true!

No, they are piping in natural gas to run clean gas turbines:

“That means that critical power generation with gas turbines, steam turbines, and adsorption chillers back up one another to power and cool the data center while excess power can be supplied to the grid to support demand response requirements. The facility will secure long-term gas contracts to keep operating costs low and competitive.” “‘The data center itself will use more electrical power than the City of Newark, just so you get a feel for how big this is going to be,’ Kern [CEO] said.”  Wow!

So they are actually going to burn fossil fuels to make electricity and the governor (we are giving them $7.5 million), the city of Newark and the very green UofD are all very pleased about it.  This also means that The Data Centers people can even see through the phony Bloom boondoggle.

I am shocked, shocked shocked….

The Data Centers LLC – Huge data center eyes University of Delaware site – Pa.-based firm plans $1B facility, 290 jobs.

“US Persons”

I have noticed this odd construction being used by the administration and wondered how many folks know that this phrase has a particular meaning.
In ruling on constitutional issues, some judges have made a great distinction of whether the framers used the term person(s) or people in a particular sentence. While I don’t think it is universally accepted that there was an intentional distinction between them, the argument is that “the people” are the citizens of the United States and persons are people who are here whether citizens, legally here or illegally here.
So when I hear this unusual phrase, which I heard the president use today, I immediately try to figure out if the speaker is trying to confuse the listener into thinking that he said something that he did not or did not say something that he actually did.
In today’s speech about NSA spying, he seemed to be talking about the privacy of non citizens and citizens alike; legal and illegal aliens alike.
I am not sure that is what the casual listener thought that they heard.

A Philly talk show host introduced the topic of food stamp abuse on his show a month or two ago. He was outraged that people who appeared not to need it were getting this kind of welfare but he did not think to look in a mirror.
I agree that a trip to the grocery store is pretty frustrating when I am in line behind a food stamp recipient and see what they are buying.  Even more so when I see them in the parking lot loading those groceries into a nicer car than mine.
But this particular talk host also does ads where he is shilling for one of the solar panel companies and brags that his electric bill is now zero.  He seems oblivious to the fact that the only reason that this might be so is that he was the beneficiary of state and federal subsidies on the purchase and now on the solar energy credits that keep his bill at zero.  Apparently you can get a system for free up there after the company gets government money.  If he actually had to pay for the system his break even point would be about the time this junk would be on its way to the dump.  Solar costs about 2-2½ times coal and natural gas.
This normally conservative commentator seems not to understand that now he too is collecting welfare money but to pay his family’s electric bill instead of grocery bills.  So he gets electric stamps verses food stamps; a distinction without a difference.
If it works up there like it does here, the money for the ongoing subsidies is part of the electric bill that all of his neighbors, rich and poor, pay. The utility charges a premium to pay for the solar energy credits that the state requires them to buy.
The working poor and those on disability and the elderly on social security are paying the inflated electric rates to subsidize this guy and his ilk.
The sad thing is that since he is the one getting the benefit, he apparently does not even see it as welfare. He probably thinks that he deserves it for being smart enough to take it.  It does not occur to him that the only way he is getting free electricity is that his bill is being paid for by others whose option would be not to pay the bill and freeze in the dark.
I wonder if that is much different than what the food stamp recipient in the BMW thinks.

These people will have access to tons of personal information all consolidated from various areas of government including Social Security numbers; everything needed for identity thieves.

If these are the same positions that Delaware is planning, the last I heard, they were allowing convicted felons.  Isn’t that “special.”


Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA | National Review Online.


Somehow, I always thought that George Orwell’s “Big Brother” was a warning about what an “out of control” government might do and not as a blueprint for the federal government to implement.

I wonder if there are any other books that they have been following.  I remember there was one written by some German guy with a beard….

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