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Yesterday, on Sussex County radio station WGMD State House Majority Leader Pete Schwarzkopf made the following statement:

If you make $7 million a year, don’t claim you’re broke. If you make $7 million a year and spend $7 million a year, that’s just bad spending.

He made this comment in response to Harrington Fairgrounds position that expanding gambling will hurt the fair grounds because it will lower its revenues. I find Leader Schwarzkopf’s comments insightful since he was a lead force to raise taxes last year because the State was out of money. So, Leader Schwarzkopf I say the following:

If you make over $8 billion a year, don’t claim you’re broke. If you make over $8 billion a year and spend over $8 billion a year, that’s just bad spending!

(Note: including Federal pass-through dollars, the State of Delaware spends over $8 billion per year — this equals nearly $10,000 per Delawarean — what could you do with your $10,000? Leader Schwarzkopf spends it on your behalf.).


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NFL et al.,

So the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL  think that single game sports betting “would irreparably harm professional and amateur sports by fostering suspicion and skepticism that individual plays and final scores of games may have been influenced by factors other than honest athletic competition.” (News Journal, 7/25/09)

I think we need to get a few things straight. For starters, many of us don’t trust you already. We love your leagues, your players and the thrill of the chase to win a championship (or if you are like me, the thrill of hoping the Orioles finishing better than 500). Your players are premadonnas. Your leagues and teams are businesses and you run them as such – gone are the days where players played for the love of the game.

Oh yeah, there is also that whole cheating thing – whether its roids or stealing signals from the sidelines.

All of the opinions that the public has formed about pro sports exist because of your set up, your players, your owners. Not because any of us can go place a bet and think that somehow the outcome of the game will be manipulated.

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