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In a very brief interchange, VP Candidate Paul Ryan spells out the difference between Republican leadership and Democratic political junk…

“Leaders are supposed to fix problems,” Mr. Ryan lectured Mr. Geithner, demanding the White House offer a new proposal to tackle rising health-care costs. Mr. Ryan said the White Houses approach to the deficit would bring on a “European-style debt crisis.”

“We are not coming before you today to say we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem,” Mr. Geithner said. “What we do know is we don’t like yours.”

via For White House and Ryan, Deficit Became Personal – WSJ.com.

In other words, the White House has no solution, they just want to throw rocks at everyone else. That is what has become of the Left. Pitiful. Really pitiful.


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Karen Weldin Stewart is the only statewide, female officeholder, duly elected almost 4 years ago after winning a Primary against the Democratic Party endorsed white male candidate. What did the “Party of Diversity” do this year? It endorsed another white male to run against her in a Primary.

Chip Flowers is the only statewide, black male officeholder, duly elected almost 2 years ago. What did the “Party of Diversity” do this year? It passed through the Democratically controlled State House and Democratically controlled State Senate and the signed by the Democratic Governor a bill that limits the State Treasurer from implementing his ideas as to how to manage the State’s Treasury.


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Adam Taylor has another article in today’s News Journal about Paul Clark, his latest Executive Assistant Terry Reilly, and land use.     Terry Reilly was hired in January and makes $106,899 a year.   According to the News Journal,  she “was hired to help shepherd developers and businesses through the county’s cumbersome approval processes.”

Sounds like a lot of money to pay someone to help developers navigate our bureaucracy – don’t they already hire attorneys to do that?    But guess what?

Terry Reilly also volunteers as Clark’s chief fundraiser for his political campaign, which, as the article details, is walking a fine line.  Are developers encouraged to contribute to Clark’s campaign in trade for favorable consideration on their land use requests?

We shared Taylor’s first article on this subject back in January – he pointed out that most of Paul Clark’s contribution in 2011 came from developers and their supporting businesses (attorneys, engineering firms, etc) as well as his top New Castle County staff.    You can view the entire Clark 4 NCC 2011 Annual Report as a pdf and see for yourself.

One thing we noticed were two $500 contributions on 9/29/2011 from two guys in North Carolina (James Martin of Gastonia and Cory Martin of Charlotte).

So …. Why would two guys from North Carolina give money to a county executive in Delaware?

Google turned up the answer.   The Martins of North Carolina are bringing CVS Pharmacy to Delaware.

Looks like it started down in Ocean View – in the zoning commission meeting minutes from 10/15/2009 Cory Martin of JEM X Development answered questions about a proposed 13,000 sq ft CVS Pharmacy.    In a news article last month, it looks like that project was finally approved.

A query of the NCCo Project Search turned up several CVS projects (just type “CVS” into the “Project Name” box).   Like this one on New Castle Ave.   If you read the exploratory plan report, you’ll see the Equitable Owner  is listed as Jim Martin, JEM X, LLC.     And a search of the North Carolina corporations website shows James Martin as an officer of JEM X LLC with the same PO Box used in Paul Clark’s financial report.

So did the $1,000 to Paul Clark’s campaign help them?   Time will tell.

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From CNBC:

Category Score 2012 Rank 2011 Rank
Cost of Doing Business 152 32 31
Workforce 135 36 19
Quality of Life 112 49 48
Infrastructure & Transportation 173 27 40
Economy 171 19 22
Education 107 31 26
Technology & Innovation 70 40 32
Business Friendliness 122 19 1
Access to Capital 41 30 35
Cost of Living 14 37 35
OVERALL 1097 43 36


  • Governor: Jack Markell (D)
  • Population: 907, 135
  • GDP (per capita): $63,159
  • Number of S&P companies: 2
  • Top corporate tax rate: 8.70 percent
  • Top individual tax rate: 6.75 percent
  • Gasoline taxes/fees: 23.0 cents
  • Bond Rating/Outlook: Aaa/Stable
  • SAT scores (average): 1455/2400
  • Degree Granting Institutions (colleges/universities): 11

Sources:  Census Bureau (2011), Standard & Poor’s (2012), Tax Foundation (2012), American Petroleum Institute (2012), Bureau Labor Statistics (2011), National Center For Education Statistics (2011), Moody’s (2012), CNBC


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