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Here’s a small poll for you — quickly list the most important stories of the day…

I’m sure for many of you, you selected the Fiscal Cliff and the potential impact on the U.S. economy if our government gets this wrong. Many others might have selected the ongoing conflict in the Middle East with Israel once again lined up against a phalanx of Arabic & muslim special interests who redirect their own failings by attacking the successful Jewish state. Others might have selected the President’s trip to Burma and other parts of Asia.

Of course, the primary, local, daily news source in New Castle County selected a story about the World Bank’s President stating that a 7 degree rise in global temperatures over the next 100 years would be CATASTROPHIC!! Yes, that’s right. If global temperatures rise by 7 degrees over the next 100 years, that will be really, really, really, really bad. Of course, if global temperatures go down by 7 degrees over the next 100 years, that would also be really, really, really, really bad, but for different reasons (Chief among these reasons would likely be too much ice).

Yes, the most important story, today, is that The World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, thinks that we should target 3.5 degrees of increased temperature (He was silent on a reduction of 3.5 degrees — I don’t think that he likes ice). Note, that in the U.S., we can’t even accurately target our inflation rate, but we’re supposed to target the temperature of the planet? Someone better call up the sun, and let it know…

Anyway, how is that whole global warming thing going? From a report this week in the U.K.’s Daily Mail:

The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.

The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.

This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2217286/Global-warming-stopped-16-years-ago-reveals-Met-Office-report-quietly-released–chart-prove-it.html#ixzz2CoLywe68

Well doesn’t that just stink! No temperature rise, no CATASTROPHE. No CATASTROPHE and Delaware survives.

The article goes on:

But according to increasing numbers of serious climate scientists, it does suggest that the computer models that have for years been predicting imminent doom, such as  those used by the [British] Met Office and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, are flawed, and that the climate is far more complex than the models assert.

‘The new data confirms the existence of a pause in global warming,’ Professor Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science at America’s Georgia Tech university, told me yesterday.

‘Climate models are very complex, but they are imperfect and incomplete. Natural variability  [the impact of factors such as long-term temperature cycles in the oceans and the output of the sun] has been shown over the past two decades to have a magnitude that dominates the greenhouse warming effect.

‘It is becoming increasingly apparent that our attribution of warming since 1980 and future projections of climate change needs to consider natural internal variability as a factor of fundamental importance.’

Professor Phil Jones, director of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, who found himself at the centre of the ‘Climategate’ scandal over leaked emails three years ago, would not normally be expected to agree with her. Yet on two important points, he did.

The data does suggest a plateau, he admitted, and without a major El Nino event – the sudden, dramatic warming of the southern Pacific which takes place unpredictably and always has a huge effect on global weather – ‘it [the temperature plateau] could go on for a while’.

Like Prof Curry, Prof Jones also admitted that the climate models were imperfect: ‘We don’t fully understand how to input things like changes in the oceans, and because we don’t fully understand it you could say that natural variability is now working to suppress the warming. We don’t know what natural variability is doing.’

The graph can be found below. Looks pretty flat to me, but its more fun to print headlines with “Tipping Point” and “doomsday”, than one that simply says — “Global Warming takes a hiatus”.

Global Temperatures have remained flat for 16 years.


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DAPSS Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive

DAPSS Cadets to Help Breezy Point, NY

* More than 75% of the residents in the Breezy Point area of New York work, or are related to workers in the first responder fields. DAPSS cadets are training to be “first responders”. Our core value of “Fidelity to Others” is again in action as we reach out to help our friends in need!


On Tuesday, November 20, 2012, DAPSS will drive a BUS LOAD of supplies to a community center serving the Breezy Point area families who are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

What our friends in Breezy Point need:

  • Bottled Water
  • Canned Food
  • Non-Perishable Items
  • Baby Food
  • Blankets
  • Diapers
  • Wet Wipes
  • Gloves (not latex – heavy duty for clean-up)
  • Brooms, Mops, Rakes, Shovels and Sponges
  • Bleach
  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
  • Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
  • Hand Sanitizers/Wipes
  • Toiletries – Deodorant, Shampoo, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, etc.
  • First Aid Kits
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Duct Tape
  • Face Masks (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • Tote Bags – for families to collect their belongings in

All donations can be dropped off at the Delaware Academy School Office, 179 Stanton Christiana Rd.
Please call 302-731-2777 if you have questions!

Help DAPSS Stuff a BUS!

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This brings us to Al Gore.

Earlier this month the Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig reported that the former vice president’s wealth is today estimated at $100 million, up from less than $2 million when he left government service on a salary of $181,400. How did he make this kind of money? It wasn’t his share of the Nobel Peace Prize. Nor was it the book and movie proceeds from “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Instead, as Ms. Leonnig reports, “Fourteen green-tech firms in which Gore invested received or directly benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks, part of President Obama’s historic push to seed a U.S. renewable-energy industry with public money.”

That’s nice work if you can get it—at least if you’re on the investment-management end of the deal. But what if you’re on the worker-bee end?

The Post story mentions one of the beneficiaries of Mr. Gore’s investment acumen, Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls, JCI -1.34% which won a $299 million award from the federal government in 2009 to make electric-car batteries. Here’s how that worked out:

“The company has dramatically scaled back, after executives concluded demand for electric cars was far lower than the administration forecast. The factory outfitted with stimulus funds is nearly idle, and plans to build a second plant have been postponed.”

via Stephens: Barack Obama and Other Has-Beens – WSJ.com.

Compare this to:

Johnson Controls Breaks Ground on New Automotive Battery Distribution Center in Delaware

MIDDLETOWN – Johnson Controls, Inc., the world’s largest supplier of automotive batteries, today broke ground on a new 400,000 square-foot distribution center in Middletown, Del. The company is investing more than $75 million in the facility, which will perform the charging, packaging and distribution of automotive batteries for the Northeast region of the United States.

The groundbreaking was attended byGovernor Jack Markell, U.S. Senator Tom Carper, U.S Senator Chris Coons,Delaware Economic Development OfficeSecretary Alan Levin, Middletown Mayor Kenneth Branner and Johnson Controls Vice President and General Manager for the U.S. and Canada Kevin Pasqua and Middletown Plant Manager Rick Thompson. Several other company leaders and state officials joined the celebration.

“Johnson Controls could have relocated elsewhere but decided to stay in Middletown and expand in Delaware,” said Governor Jack Markell. “It’s great to see a business here succeed and be confident that expanding its work will lead to even greater success. This project puts Delawareans to work producing and distributing products for the region. As Johnson Controls moves forward with its expansion, Delaware’s job market moves forward as well.”


Add the $2.06 million received by Johnson Controls to the tens of millions received by Fisker Automotive and Bloom Energy as companies that have received special treatment in Delaware because of their connection to the California Venture firm of Kleiner Perkins, whose leadership consists of Markell donor, John Doerr, and Green-energy profiteer, Al Gore. Oh, and Johnson Controls purchased the remaining assets of A123, the failed battery developer for Fisker Automotive. And the Wall Street Journal article speaks to the success of electric car batteries.

In the Governor’s defense in the case of Johnson Controls, it is an existing company with an existing supply chain, existing expertise, and they received significantly less money. But this payout continues a dangerous trend in Delaware. Send Jack the money, and he gives it to his friends…

Al Gore has profited nicely from the public. Will anyone else?

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Doc Mike Katz is running a radio ad defending his lack of attendance in the General Assembly — especially his Sunset Committee meetings for which he is paid a stipend. In his “defense” ad, his wife claims with outrage that Doc Mike is being improperly maligned. You see, he had a skiing accident in 2011 and hurt his back. He couldn’t possibly make these meetings with his injuries.

Doc Mike’s Sunset Committee Attendance
Attendance 2009 2010 2011 2012*
Present 9 9 6 5
Absent 5 0 3 6
% Missed 35% 0% 33% 55%

* Note: In 2012, 2 of the meetings at which Doc Mike was counted as “present”, he “called in”. How long he stayed on the line and his focus on the transpiring events, especially any witness testimony, is questionable.

Doc Mike’s skiing accident was in December 2010, and he missed the January 2011 meeting — understandable. He then was able to attend the 2/10 meeting, the 2/17 meeting, the 2/24 meeting, the 3/3 meeting, and the 4/7 meeting — 5 meetings in a row!! He then missed 2 of the last 3 meetings. Well after the ski season. Plus 2011, for Doc Mike, was a relatively strong attendance year. Oops!

Calm down Doc. Just stick to the truth. You skipped the meetings and still took the pay. Good gig if you can get it.

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I’ve seen a copy of a mailer sent out by Doc Mike Katz. He is running for “re-election” in a newly drawn district, and for the most part, his campaign literature seems to be him in a lab coat hobnobbing with Governor Markell. That is until his hypocrite streak kicked in..

It seems that the good doctor is whining that Greg Lavelle gives too much of his legislative compensation to charity ($30,000 at last count). Doc Mike points out that Rep. Lavelle hasn’t returned his stipend for serving in leadership. The problem is that Doc Mike has served for 4 years on the Joint Sunset Committee and so is also receiving a stipend. And Doc Mike also hasn’t mentioned that he has pocketed the same expense reimbursements that he complains that Greg Lavelle has taken.

So let’s see, both have received expense reimbursements and stipends and annual pay raises along with the pay raises in the quadrennial compensation commission report. Greg Lavelle has pointed out that the annual pay raises are improper given the Compensation Commission raises and so gives those raises to charity to the tune of $30,000. In other words, Greg feels that legislators shouldn’t get two pay raises at a time (one automatically and the other voted on in the annual budget), so he returns his by giving it to charity.

Doc Mike? He pockets both sets of pay raises, and whines. My understanding is that Doctors take a Hippocratic oath. Looks like Doc Mike also took a hypocritic oath, too…

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George Ball and the Delaware Rail Splitters (for those of you who don’t know, Abraham Lincoln was the original Rail Splitter — a job he held in his youth) have organized the following event. It should be fun and informative to all who attend.

The Delaware Rail Splitter’s Joe Biden Bash

Sept. 27

— Delaware discovers its voice —

Please join the Rail Splitters of DE on Thursday, Sept. 27 for the first ever joe biden bash (Delaware discovers its voice):

Timothy’s Restaurant

The Waterfront in Wilmington, DE

5:30pm doors open, 6:00pm bash begins

It is time for Delaware to speak up about Vice President Joe Biden. Our country needs to know Joe the way we kNOw Joe. This is our duty. 

We are planning a fun and creative evening with serious intent. With audience participation we will vet Vice President Joe Biden in a manner the  media refuses to do. Bring your Biden stories.

If Joe Biden owes you money or you know someone Joe owes–contact us in confidence at or before the meeting.

Bring a Democrat or Independent night–win $20 gift card! All attending Democrats or Independents or anyone who brings  a D or I will be eligible for a drawing for a $20 gift card at Timothy’s Restaurant.

Rail Splitters of DE is an independent Republican organization dedicated to rebuilding America and building the Republican Party.

God bless America! See you Sept. 27.

—Rail Splitter Executive Committee








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Let’s Clean up New Castle County Government!

Tuesday – 6 p.m. – Republican Headquarters 

The Democrats gave us a wonderful opportunity in Tuesday’s Primary Election – the opportunity to clean up New Castle County government!  This is an election we can – and must – win!  (And many Democrats will be working with us!)

We have an outstanding candidate for County Executive – -Mark Blake.   He is experienced, knowledgeable and knows the issues facing New Castle County government and New Castle County residents.  

We are in a “sprint” to Election Day…with no time to waste!  We need volunteers for yard signs, neighbor-to-neighbor letters, phone calls, fundraising, and door-to-door campaigning. 

Please come to the “Clean up County Government” kick-off on Tuesday, September 18 at       6 p.m. at Republican Headquarters on Lancaster Pike.  If you haven’t yet met Mark, this is your opportunity to meet him.  And this is your opportunity to join the Blake Team…and clean up our County government!

Bring your ideas, your friends, and your determination to elect Mark Blake as our next County Executive.  We need to build a winning team…and we need to do it now!  Responsible and concerned New Castle County citizens are looking to us – the Republican Party – to counter the results of Tuesday’s Primary Election.  Let’s show them that they can indeed count on the Republican Party!

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening……….come prepared to make a difference!

John Rollins III

Chairman, New Castle County Republican Committee


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