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What cities and states are most appealing for small businesses?  Thumbtack.com released a survey based on responses from 6,000 small business owners to answer that question and analyzed a wide range of criteria including publicity of state and local training programs, licensing requirements, and tax code.  Top overall small business friendly states were Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Survey findings and summary for Delaware?

Delaware ranked as being the #11 most difficult state nationwide for starting a small business and the #16 overall least friendly state for small business.

Some of the key findings for Delaware include:

Delaware soared above many of its rivals for the friendliness of its tax code, as the state ranked #4 nationwide for tax code friendliness. However, the state earned only a D+ for ease of starting a business there, and a straight F (second-worst nationwide) for its publicity of training programs.

Surprisingly, women-owned small businesses in Delaware felt significantly more supported by the state than their male counterparts. Female entrepreneurs were more than twice as likely than male entrepreneurs to rate Delaware as supportive or very supportive of small business.

via Delaware – Small Business Survey – Thumbtack.com.

If is findings like this that demonstrate why, after spending ~$50 million in crony dollars to major banks and other companies, Delaware’s economy has no growth. When your the 1th worst state in the nation for starting a small business, small businesses don’t start… Maybe if we got some of that free Markell money like Discover, Citi, BofA, Dupont, etc, etc…


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