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Every day across America, men and women get up in the morning and go to their small business to fight out a living. These are doers not whiners. You won’t find too many small business owners lying around in tents waiting for the government to save them. The following is from a recent survey of small business owners across the country:

Small Businesses Recognize the Link between Politics and Policy

  • A vast majority (97%) of small businesses surveyed cite a candidate’s support for the free enterprise system as important, 84% cite as very important.
  • Almost as many small businesses, (92%) think the business community should lead the American Recovery, compared to 8% who think the federal government has the best solutions. 
  • The vast majority of small businesses still are looking for the government to get out of the way (81%) and for more certainty opposed to government assistance.
  • Small businesses see all bureaucrats in Washington as the problem but have sharpened their criticism of the Administration and Congressional Democrats in the past 9 months. Close to half of all respondents approve of the job the House Republican Majority is doing; only 8% approve of the Senate Democrat Majority. Sixteen percent of small businesses approve of the job President Obama is doing. 

There is an old adage, “If you want to get something done, give the task to a busy person.” If you want to fix the economy, leave it to the thousands of hardworking, risk-taking small business owners to do it. But, let them be rewarded for their handwork and personal risk.


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