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I was wondering if the occupiers were still camped out in Wilmington at Spencer Plaza since I have not heard anything in the press lately, so I stopped by to take a look on my way home yesterday.  I took a couple of pictures.

There are still tents there and I see on the OccupyDE website that they have been out protesting B of A and the Sheriff sale.  [The dates on their pictures confused me until I realized that it was the European date format; predictable.]

It was mostly empty while I was there, but they could have all been out to dinner since it was about 5:30 or they might not have gotten back from work or something.  I saw a couple of people while I was walking around, but they did not appear to be receiving guests at that moment.  It could be buzzing at other times.  I was only there one time.

Bloomberg in New York and some other considerate mayors around the country did the decent thing and had the cops throw the occupiers out before it got too cold or it got too dangerous.  This gave them some sympathetic stories in the media and allowed them to avoid the cold and health risks while completely saving face.

But not our Mayor Baker, he is showing no mercy by letting them stay.  He could have sent down a couple of mounted guys (borrow from the county, if necessary) some guys in riot gear with batons,  something!  (I bet Rago is on on this being nice strategy.)  The occupiers could have grudgingly left, shaking their fists and vowing to return.  But Noooo, they either have to stay out in the cold, break it down themselves and lose face or do something naughty to get thrown out.

Not even a meter maid in a golf cart with a baton.  He is a mean one, our mayor.


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