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As I read George Will’s column, I realized that I don’t want the Super-Committee to come to an agreement any more than Obama does but for different reasons.

Most of the cuts will be fakes, frauds and phonies like the previous debt ceiling deal.  The D’s won’t agree to anything unless there are tax hikes but the tax hikes will be real!  So if they do not come to an agreement, the sequestration will result in some spending cuts and no tax increases.  Not playing at all is the only way to win this thing.  Just like Obamacare waivers: the only way to win under Obamacare is to be excused from it.

Republicans should take credit for the spending cuts.  “We tricked Obama and the Dems into agreeing to $1.2 Trillion in cuts with no “revenue enhancements” back when this legislation was passed earlier this year.”  It would have been better to do the victory lap then and not even begin going to the meetings but at this point they can say that they tried, but that sequestration is preferable to any deal that they could get from the Dems.

Why negotiate at all?  What is the upside?

Don’t fall for budgetary sleight of hand | The News Journal | delawareonline.com.


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