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“Most states have seen job growth, but they’ve been in the energy technology fields and manufacturing.”

You mean after pulling a DNREC Secretary with specific expertise in “green energy”. After spending tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to Bloom Energy & Fiskers. After spending millions on the Sustainable Energy Utility. Delaware is an “abnormal” State? We’re shrinking (aka negative growth) because we’re not growing green technologies? Or manufacturing?

If the above Delaware State News article isn’t a total condemnation of the Markell Administration, I don’t know what is. Almost 3 years into the Administration, and even the Governor’s own Labor Department calls the State “abnormal”…

The caveat is that by the end of the year, it is forecast that we’ll have positive job growth. But, that is a bit tautological, isn’t it? We’ll see, I guess.


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