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Ahh… Media Bias rears its silly little head 54 weeks before the next election. The News Journal ran a front page above the fold free advertisement for incumbent career politician Tom Carper today. The article was written by a Washington correspondent with photos taken in Delaware. Very well choreographed by the Carper/News Journal marketing department, to say the least.

The photo headline, Sen. Tom Carper defends environmental regulation, is such an obvious attempt to frame the good Senator as a defender of the people, the environment & their health. The article’s headline, DEL’S CHAMPION FOR CLEANER AIR, is even more laughable at the bald use of free media to promote their candidate.

Of course, Delaware has a very checkered record on environmental health with several cancer clusters that were ignored while Sen. Carper was serving as Governor. I didn’t notice any reference to that history in the puff… er… “news” article.

I’m sure that the News Journal will start to run some negative pieces on Senator Carper as well, holding him accountable for the fact that during his time in the U.S. Senate, the economy has tanked and job losses in Delaware and the Country are at record levels. But that won’t happen because on page A-5 where the article continues, the News Journal puffs up that “[Senator Carper] pushes for jobs, too.” How kind of him. “Pushing” for jobs. With “Pushers” like that, no wonder we’re in a depression.

Perhaps, the News Journal needs to hire an ombudsman like the NY Times, which was forced to hire one to address its clear bias.


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