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Desk pop?

From WDEL:

Newark cop accidentally shoots fellow officer
By Amy Cherry

A Newark police officer accidentally shoots a fellow officer. It happened at a firearms training session at police headquarters. Police say an officer noticed an abnormality in his handgun. He handed the gun to a second officer, when it accidentally discharged, striking the first officer in the leg. He was taken to Christiana Hospital, where he’s expected to make a full recovery. The officer, who fired the gun, has been placed on administrative duty while the investigation continues.

First off, I’m glad this wasn’t as bad as it could have been.   But it makes me think of the desk pop scene from “The Other Guys”.    Please be careful guys!


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Bayard Middle School chosen for reform by mistake, state says | The News Journal | delawareonline.com.

I find the spectacle of Board Members, principals and teachers being reduced to having to argue that their middle school is worse than all of the others in order to grab up some more taxpayer money to be quite sad.  Was there any sense of shame on the part of the faculty and staff when they were selected for “winning.”

It is like one of those reality shows where you are amazed about how much contestants will debase themselves for a buck: eating bugs, letting snakes crawl over them…

Truly sad, rewarding failure.  I think Ronald Reagan said, “If you want more of something, subsidize it.”  And so we are.  Sorry I should not have said failures, in Newspeak we call them “Partnership Zones.”

Why should parents be forced to deliver their kids, under the threat of fines, prison and death; to schools that everyone from the teachers to the Education Secretary describe as failing to be lab rats?  If things don’t improve, I think that the next step is mass firings.  So, the students are being sacrificed as crash test dummies so that these administrators and teachers can try to save their jobs.

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