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The following is an excerpt from a daily email that I get through the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce:

EPA Relaxes Its Air Pollution Rule.

The Wall Street Journal (10/7, Solomon, Subscription Publication) reports the Environmental Protection Agency will ease its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, allowing companies to expel more pollutants into the environment than what was previously allotted. Proponents of this new rule adjustment argue tight air pollution regulations cost jobs and may impact electric power reliability. The Journal publishes a quote from Chip Yost, vice president for energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers. Yost said that manufacturers are disappointed by the EPA changes.

The AP (10/7, Cappiello) reports the US House “passed the first of two bills Thursday to delay rules to cut toxic air pollution and mercury.” House Republicans contend Environmental Protection Agency regulations cost jobs. Majority Leader Eric Cantor said “that the bill’s passage was a common-sense action to delay ‘EPA regulations that stand in the way of investment and growth.'” The AP notes that the President questioned the delay, saying, “Does anybody really think that that is going to create jobs right now and meet the challenges of a global economy…that is weakening, with all these forces coming into play?”

This is a step in the direction of economic/job growth that was forced on the Administration because of the regulatory shut down of the economy and the electoral defeats that Democrats have suffered as a result. I suspect that the change is too late to effect the economy prior to the election in 2012, but at least the President is being brought back to the middle, slowly.


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