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Last week another terrorist bit the dust. Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen. The original AP headline read “US drone kills two Americans in Yemen”. This headline was used by our own News Journal. Of course, the title is technically correct, but was not designed to illuminate who the dead “Americans” were. I think that the headline was a subtle dig by the AP at the audacity of the U.S. in defending itself against terrorists.

As comparison, let’s go back a few years into the last medieval era in the United States — often referred to as the Bush/Cheney years. During this era, the left was very vocal about “enhanced interrogation techniques” (aka waterboarding). These interrogation techniques were used on non-American citizens to extract information that eventually led to information on Osama Bin Laden’s hideout. Knowing Bin Laden’s hideout led to President Obama’s greatest triumph — the killing of Bin Laden.

So, to finish the comparison… To the Left, pouring water onto the face of an enemy combatant captured on the battle field fighting against Americans in a Congressionally-approved military action is “terrible” and indicative of our “lost ideals” and “brutality”. But, blowing up an American citizen in a foreign country in which we have no Congressionally-approved military purpose is A-OK… Logic anyone?

Just for the record, I support the legal use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” as well as the elimination of Mr. Al Awlaki through the drone strike. But hey, call me crazy.


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