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I don’t know.  I did some Googling to little success.  While there has been much discussion about what they have been leaking, I am more interested in knowing how they and Mr. Assange make their money.  He seems to be living quite “high on the hog”, the website is not free to maintain and attorney’s fees can’t be cheap.  They say that they have journalists and that they have traveled to verify stories.  Reporters might choose to work for free but travel is not free.

One interesting WSJ quote from Mr. Assange regarding one source of funding, “WikiLeaks has two tax-exempt charitable organizations in the U.S., known as 501C3s, that “act as a front” for the website, he [Mr. Assange ] said. He declined to give their names, saying they could “lose some of their grant money because of political sensitivities.”  One might wonder if the US government is inadvertently funding them while they disseminate our national secrets, that would be rich.  One of those kooky sounding earmarks maybe….  Should Wikileaks really enjoy tax exempt status and should donations to it really be tax deductible?!!! It would probably be too much to expect that there is an FBI investigation into this aspect.

I suppose they just may be a group of  altruistic souls on a mission to expose misdeeds wherever they find them funded by like minded generous contributors with no political point of view or motives.   Call me cynical but I really doubt it.

Here is a Wall Street Journal article from earlier this year that found little in the way of answers.


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While I did see coverage that indicated no significant delays at the airports due to the national “Opt Out Day” protest nor due to the increased time required for the naked scanners and TSA gropers, I must have missed the part where the TSA put the new program on hold for the occasion.  So yes, there was no huge protest and yes, there were no big delays but it was due to a PR strategy by Napoletano and TSA to deny their opponents a victory and to avoid further public outrage.  The media mostly seemed to cooperate by writing stories about how well the new stuff worked and how “good citizens” accepted the new initiative.

Check the links in this story that I saw on Drudge.  (Yes, I know that the website is run by a “9-11 truther”, but the links are there to check.)

Maybe I just looked at this News Journal story with too much suspicion, but it seems to be written in such a way that the reader would infer that the scanners were in full use at Philly with no issues.  But an Inquirer article from two weeks before said that they only have one and that all of the other terminals are still using regular metal detectors.  Read the NJ article, see if it looks like something from the propaganda ministry after you know what the Inquirer wrote:

Travelers get the new pat-down if they refuse to go through an advanced-imaging technology scanner. Currently, Philadelphia International Airport has only one of these whole-body scanners, in Terminal F.

Travelers leaving from Philadelphia’s other terminals still go through metal detectors, but get a pat-down if they set off the detector.

Was that one in use?  Do you know of anyone who flew out of Philly from terminal F on Wednesday?  Did they go through the full body scanner?

Currently, Philadelphia International Airport has only one of these whole-body scanners, in Terminal F.

Travelers leaving from Philadelphia’s other terminals still go through metal detectors, but get a pat-down if they set off the detector.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/business/homepage/20101111_Growing_anxiety_over_airport_pat-downs_and_scanners.html#ixzz16hVowqrW
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I guess it is all about what you are looking for.  Both of these stories are about the same TransUnion quarterly analysis of late mortgage payments.

The TransUnion press release seems to see good news:

TransUnion: National Mortgage Loan Delinquencies Experience Largest Quarterly Decline Since Fourth Quarter of 2006

The AP story as it ran in the News Journal sees trouble coming:

Delinquencies Jump in Northeast


I expect that both of these stories are accurate.  The TransUnion story is focused on the national stats compared to the previous quarter.

To get to the negative story, the AP chose to focus on the Northeast states 3d quarter this year compared to 3d quarter last year.  I guess they are just “glass half full” types.

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From yesterday’s News Journal (The article can be found here):

Delaware has been able to bounce back from economic setbacks using persistence and a personal approach, the state’s economic development director told regional business leaders on Wednesday.

Today, the Department of Labor released Delaware’s employment report. So let’s see how DEDO is defining “bouncing back”:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider a 13.5% of Delaware’s citizens unemployed “bouncing back”.

I know that the Economic Development Director is out promoting the State that is his job, and I think that he’s doing all that he can. But most business owners really aren’t fooled by government slogans. They are more interested in overall business climate. Given Wilmington’s $3+ million budget deficit, New Castle County government’s $12+ million operating deficit, Delaware’s looming $125+ million shortfall, and progressive-controlled legislature & executive branch, the overall business climate in Delaware is not going to get better anytime soon.

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BTW, Goldman Sachs just promoted another 110 people to Partner. Money had to come from somewhere. Oh yeah, taxpayers…

(Note: Bernank is misspelled on purpose due to the pronunciation of the computer generated speech. Certain words, like Bernanke, are mis-pronounced because the word violates standard english rules — e.g. silent ‘e’ at the end of a word)…

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From NCCGOP.com:

Tom KovachWednesday, November 17 – The New Castle County Republican Committee today named former State Representative Tom Kovach as the party’s candidate for the upcoming special election for County Council President.

“I enter this race with an absolute commitment to bring balance and accountability back to county government.” said Kovach.  “The county needs a new, independent voice to advocate for county residents and stand firm against ill-conceived development, while encouraging responsible land-use decisions, economic growth and job creation.  Having more openness and transparency in the county’s decision-making process will be the first-step towards a better, more trusted government.  I look forward to a positive campaign on the issues – and the opportunities – for our county.  We can and must do better for our county.”

“We are extraordinarily fortunate to have Tom Kovach as the candidate for the Republican Party in this critical campaign,” said Michael Fleming, chairman of the New Castle County Republican Committee.

“Tom has the energy, the experience and the know-how to win this race and bring desperately needed balance to our county government.  Tom’s background as an effective state representative, his knowledge of state and county issues, and his winning record in special elections made him a clear consensus choice.  Tom is not just the right choice for the party, he is the right choice for New Castle County’s families and businesses.  As a fiscal conservative with a proven record of fighting excessive government spending and higher taxes, Tom knows how to hold government accountable.  Tom’s candidacy will offer voters a clear and unmistakable choice between someone who will challenge the tired status quo that has led to conflicts of interest, shortsighted planning, higher taxes and a systemic budget deficit, and the forces that have been part of the problem.”

Tom Kovach’s background and experience provides him with a comprehensive understanding of many of the tough issues facing County Council and the ability to make substantive progress on these issues.  As an environmental attorney, Tom understands the legal complexities of land-use issues, helping him counter special interests.  A chemical engineer from the University of Delaware, Tom worked for the U.S. EPA before attending law school.  Tom is a leader in DNREC’s Brownfields program, which takes contaminated industrial sites, cleans them up, and promotes new business in places where there is adequate, existing infrastructure.  During his two years in public office as a State Representative, Tom demonstrated his dedication and commitment to the community, supporting the many non-profits and community organizations in and around his district.  In addition, Tom has been extremely active in communication with his constituents, reaching out with Town Hall meetings, constituent coffees, and through social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter.  Although new to public service in 2008, Tom has earned national recognition for his efforts, being selected as one of twenty-four emerging political leaders from across the county for the Aspen-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership.  A graduate of Brandywine High School, Tom lives in Eastern Brandywine with his wife Sandi and three children.

The impending special election has been triggered by former County Council President Paul Clark’s ascension to the role of County Executive, following the election of Chris Coons to the US Senate.

“The people are best served when there are adequate checks in place in our system and the appropriate balance of power.  More than ever, residents of New Castle County need a strong voice on County Council to provide the necessary check and balance with the executive branch.  Our County Council must remain separate and independent, and directly accountable to the people.   As Council President, Tom Kovach will not let Council be a rubber stamp for the County Executive.  Tom’s record shows he will ensure openness in the government process and offer the new leadership we need to move the county forward in a positive and fresh direction,” continued Fleming.

In making the selection, the NCC GOP executive committee consulted with Republicans across the county including elected officials, local party leaders and volunteers, and conducted interviews with interested candidates.

“We thank everyone involved in the process including candidates and those on the selection committee for their interest and willingness to serve.  Now we unite behind Tom and take our message to the voters,” said Fleming.

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