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We’ve all had to endure the Obama Administration and Markell Administration telling us how many jobs were “saved” by their “stimulus” activities. Even using their fuzzy “math”, the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars per “saved” job is laughable.

Now something new, yesterday while listening to Alan Levin (who is a Republican but works for a Democratic Administration) interviewed on WDEL, I heard a new twist. The DEDO Secretary said that when the Administration is finished with Fiskar Automotive, Delaware City Refinery, and Sallie Mae, they “will have created” 6,100 jobs. Not how many jobs they have created, but ones that they forecast will be created in the future. This future number during the interview was considered a “milestone”.

Taking this logic, former Governor Ruth Ann Minner can also take credit for these jobs. It was her running the State that led directly to Governor Markell’s election as Governor. She exempted Delaware City from the Greenhouse Gas Initiative so that they would stay open. Shoot, then Governor/now Senator Tom Carper can claim credit because he picked Ruth Ann Minner and further developed Delaware as landing site for corporate welfare. But why stop there. Congressman Castle preceded then-Governor Carper and polished up many of the practices and procedures found in DEDO. Of course, Congressman Castle was Pete du Pont’s running mate. Governor du Pont was responsible for the Financial Center Development Act which led to the kind of workforce needed by Sallie Mae. Governor du Pont beat Governor Tribbett, who mismanaged the State’s budget creating an economic basketcase. So, Gov. Tribbett was responsible for Governor du Pont. And so it goes. I just don’t remember any of these previous Governor’s specifically counting future jobs, today. Sure, they said things like “This will be great for the economy and add thousands of jobs..”, but never a specific count.

On the flip side, why limit yourself to only 6,100 jobs. Delaware will, someday, have strong employment growth irrespective of the current economic policies. So, take credit today. Someday, I’m sure 20,000 or 30,000 even 50,000 jobs will be created. Come on. Take credit for it. A new “milestone” — 50,000 jobs will be created as a direct result of the existence of the Markell Administration. Remember, candidate Markell had a plan in his big blue book to create 25,000 jobs during his first term. Take credit for them. Someday, they’ll be here.

Now, I have written in this blog that Gov. Markell’s ability to cut big deals and give out corporate welfare has been successful. I hope that Delaware gets all of the forecast jobs. Plus his deals have gotten him good headlines. He plays the media very well. I do congratulate them on this. But the jobs are not here, yet. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. It just looks foolish.

In a different vein, one could ask why not give existing Delaware businesses the same tax benefits as these big, well-connected companies have gotten. I could use property tax relief for my business. I could use a subsidy per job created. I could use free worker training. If the Administration had provided these benefits to existing Delaware small businesses, then maybe, Secretary Levin could be claiming that the Markell Administration had created 6,100 jobs instead of will have created. The downside? No headlines. Darn.


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