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The Obama adminstration’s objection to Arizona’s law is just as phony as everything else that these con men are doing.

A couple years ago, I was talking with Elsmere Town Councilman, John Jaremchuck, about illegal immigration issues on WDEL.  He told me about a federal program that the Feds run to train local and state law enforcement officers in enforcing federal immigration laws.  It trains them on the different kinds of visas and how to ascertain if someone is here legally or not.  After training, these officers are given access to some federal databases to assist them in this pursuit.  After they arrest someone and they turn out to be here illegally, they hold them until ICE officers come to take them away just as the Arizona law prescribes.

The program is known as, “Section 287(g) Delegation of Immigration Authority” and has been in effect since 1996.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety has sent officers to the program.  I think that the current Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano,  was Governor of Arizona when they signed up for the program, so she knows very well that local and state law enforcement have or have been given authority to enforce federal immigration law.  Even their favorite whipping boy Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County’s office has officers trained under this program.  There are more than 65 local and state agencies with over 1,000 trained officers as part of the program credited with having arrested more than 120,000 illegals.  John Jaremchuck tells me that there is a waiting list of a year or more for the program which continues.  Secretary Napolitano announced several new agencies last year including the Delaware Dept. of Corrections.   They are focusing on criminal illegals, as is the Arizona law.

So, is the administration’s objection that they have not provided enough capacity to meet the demand of local and state agencies?  It certainly is not that only the feds can do enforcement since we can see that is a lie.  Why not train officers in large local and all of the state police agencies to run the training program locally.  Certainly all of the new academy classes should get the training.  We could have thousands of new “junior G men” around the country each year getting rid of the violent illegals.

The whole Obama/Holder lawsuit nonsense is nothing but an election year publicity stunt.  Why have I not been apprised of this program on the networks or at least on Fox News?  Perhaps I missed it.

Here are some links:

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the Rodel foundation.

That’s right, Rodel.

The new head of the charter school office at DOE comes from the same group whose board all gave generously to The Jack’s campaign for Governor.  

Rodel is much ado about nothing. Policy, papers, positions and public statements.

I wonder if the new charter school head has ever taught, ever ran or ever started a charter school?

I’d be surprised if they had. So once again we have a person in place whose likely great in theory but knows little about the day to day.

This further confirms the plan to eradicate failing charter’s such as edison, eastside and pencader which is the deal cut with DSEA to get their support for getting RTTT money. With Rodel now running the charter school office it means DOE has an “honest broker” with which to make decisions. What it really means is that Dan and Lillian now have someone who will do their bidding with no questions asked.

DSTP scores come out soon and that’s when the sanctions on failing charter’s start, while failing public school’s will simply get more money and more staff.   

As mentioned they closed Moyer – I’m told an alternative school is angling to get the Moyer building – and got away with it. Moyer had some political juice and was shut. The other 3 are struggling with enrollment and have zero political savvy.

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