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Why do Obama and the Feds want to be in charge of the BP money?

Because one tenth of one percent of a billion is a million and the next federal operation that only had 0.1% of the money go missing will be the first one.  If that is all that will be lost there will be someone finding $20 Million.  One can be sure that it will not be accidentally lost in between the seat cushions and found by people in the next administration.

Same reason that they wanted to inject themselves into the cash flow of our medical care system.  I can hear the squealers now, “Oh no, he just wants to make sure that the people are all taken care of.”

The Grace Commission looked into how much waste there was, but I don’t remember them finding where it went.   It does not matter what party is in power, waste is the euphemism for theft and who gets to direct where the  wasted money goes is decided by elections.


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Sure, DelDOT can’t legally shorten the yellow lights but they sure can shorten the greens and lengthen the reds. This is how they are maximizing the take on their ripoff red light cameras.
Have you noticed that at some intersections the green light lasts less than 10 seconds letting only 3 cars through? What are you going to do after you wait through that long red having seen that you only have seconds? Add to that sitting through it a couple times.  I’ll tell you what, you are going to try to make it on the pink and end up sending Uncle Jack and Autie Carolann $112.50.  It does not even have to be a camera intersection, just get you primed for when you’re at the next one.

I called DelDOT on a short green about a year ago and they said that 6 seconds was about right for that light.  I had to sit through it 3 times before I got through.

Now you can see why they are adding another 10 of these moneymakers.  It is all about safety…… Sure it is.  Ten more cameras, another Million $’s or so.  Never mind that road rage.

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From the Bill:

Any member state may withdraw from this agreement, except that a withdrawal occurring six months or less before the end of a President’s term shall not become effective until a President or Vice President shall have been qualified to serve the next term.

It is a well-known facet of legislatures that a previous legislature cannot bind a future legislature. For instance, every new Delaware General Assembly has to pass new rules of operation because the previous rules cannot be held against the current legislators, who have been newly elected.

The quoted term above from HB 198 attempts to bind a future legislature. This clause is clearly unconstitutional.

So, what happens if one of the compact “members” wants to withdraw prior to the meeting of the electors? For instance, what if Sarah Palin wins the popular vote in 2012, and a Democratic controlled Delaware General Assembly and a Democratic Governor don’t want Gov. Palin to be elected? I’ll tell you what happens, the Delaware General Assembly meets in a special session, withdraws from the compact, and throws the whole system into electoral chaos.

Is this really a good idea?

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