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From the Wall Street Journal blog, Best of the Web:

‘Nothing Is More Beautiful Than Martyrdom’
Israel-haters are making much of the fact that one of the Turkish “humanitarians” killed last week while attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade of Hamas was a U.S. citizen. This, however, was by accident of birth: Furkan Dogan was born in Troy, N.Y., but his parents were Turkish and he grew up in Turkey.

“His brother, Mustafa, told the Turkish news media that he was ‘clean-hearted with a happy face,’ ” the New York Times reported Friday. But a report from the Middle East Research Institute says he was far from the all-American boy the Israel-haters are making him out to be. Memri quotes Hussein Orish of IHH, the Turkish outfit that instigated the flotilla:

“One of the martyrs was 19 years old. We’ve just found his last diary in his suitcase. The last lines he wrote before the attack were: ‘Only a short time left before martyrdom. This is the most important stage of my life. Nothing is more beautiful than martyrdom, except for one’s love for one’s mother. But I don’t know what is sweeter–my mother or martyrdom.’ This was the last thing that the martyr Furkan wrote, and the last thing said by our brothers. . . .””Clean-hearted” indeed!

The extreme left continues to demonstrate significant irrationality by publicly supporting “humanitarians” like this. A little left-wing soul searching is obviously in order.


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