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Well Our Joe has done it; again. This time he’s on ABC telling the reporter that “we’re going to to control the insurance companies”.

We’re as in the government.

We now have Obama Motors and come Sunday may have Obama Insurance.

I’m for coverage for pre-existing conditions. I am.

However letting The Community Organizer and Joe, the man of the people who lives in Montchanin on a gated estate, control the insurance industry is rather unnerving.

Blue Cross is a decent sized employer here in Delaware. The question may soon be for how much longer? 

Chrysler, GM, Avon, and soon Sallie Mae – Thanks Tom Carper for not protecting us – and next will be Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

The state that started a nation has been reduced to the Libya of the East Coast.

The only good thing about having no jobs is that the great migration from NJ and PA and NY has ended.

We’re screwed as a state. Screwed. The young people drain that use to only affect Sussex is now hitting New Castle County as well.

What a fiasco.


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