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The Christina school district is spending 350,000 dollars of YOUR tax money to a consultant to come in so they can establish best practices in all of the schools.

We finally made it. We will soon have best practices in all CSD schools. The republic is safe.

Well not really. In fact there will be zero changes in any practices in any CSD school.

The consultants will issue a report – in a binder no less – that will call for the following, “additional resources are needed to achieve higher student achievement”. etc.

In addition there will soon be a new Coordinator for strategic planning and  implementation hired. He or she will need staff as well so all of the schools can be properly monitored. The furniture in their new office suite will not come from storage at Kirk Middle School either.

In addition the report will dictate that more top level administrators be given “adequate resources for imposing the strategic plan at the building level”. This means more assistant principals at 95,000 Y a year and curriculum cadres at 68,000 Y a year. (Curriculum cadres just visit with teachers and talk about ideas. All day. Every day. And you get to have lunch without those freaking, bratty kids hovering about. It is a very good job to have and requires great political cunning to land such a spot. In fact, a few liaisons of the adult variety have transpired to get and then keep such a position. In the elementary CSD schools people view being a cadre as superior to a principal) 

However what this won’t mean is better training for new teachers who are leaving in droves because the bad kids run the show – they have rights you know – and the good kids get jammed into BS classes called AP but in effect are watered down beyond words where photocopies have replaced actual textbooks.

This will also not mean having saturday school at area churches where the kid can walk to school rather than a 35 minutes bus ride, this will also not mean an increase in alternative programs (they cost too much to run) and this will not mean a return to teachers getting summer courses for free.

(Give me 350,000 large and 1 year and trust me we’d have change you can believe in. You’d see it too. Public education can be fixed if the people running it had the political support needed and good lawyers for the first couple of waves of lawsuits. But they don’t and they won’t so we’ll just keep throwing good money after bad.)

It will mean a bigger bureacracy and more binders and more top-heavy staff and more testing and more assessment and more analysis of data – but as for the impact on one kid in one CSD school, especially those who need the help, it won’t mean a damn thing. Ever.

And we’re paying for it.


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