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A very true and a very sad story. A close friend is an union pipefitter, local 74. A solid D I’d wrangle an occasional vote out of him but 95% of his votes went for the Democrats.

Due to the unexpected passing of his Stepdaughter, he and his wife took custody of their grandchild.

He was laid off last year and told me both sober and drunk that Obama was the answer.

He was finally called back to work 3 weeks ago …. at Valero. His group was summoned at 3:00 yesterday and told they have 20 minutes to vacate the premises.

I obviously lack many of the facts but I have to ask how much was done to save 550 jobs? Please note I have every confidence extensive efforts were made to keep the plant open but here we are.

His sister in Georgia says there is pipe fitting work there but it’s all non union. They’re pondering a move. Has the economic rot that affected Buffalo, etc finally hit here?

As one whose roots go back to the 1720’s I look in amazement as to what has happened to our state. 8 years of benign neglect under Minner-Carney where nothing proactive was done for the economy – not in tax policy, nor job growth nor in terms of long range planning, nothing – and now we have solid, Mass attending, law abiding taxpayers having to move.




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Today’s rumor.

A friend of mine has an uncle that works for the White House. Yea, yea I know.  It is embarassing.

Last night he was in DE at Scratch McGoo’s and told us that the WH is offering John Carney a job in Philadelphia so Beau can run for Congress and avoid a fight with Mike Castle that internal polls show he will lose in a Senate run. (the Bidens only win against challengers)

However, there is a huge fear that Carney loyalists will be upset at him being bought off if this happens and there will a backlash splintering the D’s.  

I’ll keep you posted.

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