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Today, the Delaware City Refinery has closed. A minimum of 550 high paying jobs, and it is my understanding, the largest payor of gross receipts taxes in the State are now gone. The plant has been on life support for sometime, and Delaware has done nothing to make operating the plant easier. To the contrary, numerous proposals to increase taxes on the plant have been recommended over the last few years.

But there is really, really good news (please note the sarcasm). Yesterday, Senators Carper & Kaufman announced that Delaware is getting almost $900,000 for “green jobs”. Maybe some of the fired employees can get a few bucks from this pool. The article from a News Journal blog can be found here. The following picture accompanies that article.

Perhaps due to my age and experience, I’ve become very jaded, but these young ladies, who are well-meaning I’m sure, seem absolutely clueless. Does anyone think that either of these two are “ready” to work in a manufacturing plant doing assembly, pipefitting, or maintenance work? Do these two have any understanding about the 1,000 families who will now lose their standard of living, maybe their homes, and likely their hope in the State and Country.

Does anyone honestly expect high-paying, green jobs to magically appear in Delaware to replace Valero anytime in the next decade? This isn’t a game, it is real lives in the balance, and we’ve shoved them out the door.

Delaware, you’ve got your wish.


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The tyrants who run the D’s are actually going to do it and help the R’s win big come the fall.

In their obsession with allowing the world to see how bad America is they are forcing the Obama adminstration to have the 9/11 trial in public in New York where the world will hear how bad we are and how great Islamic facism is.

The far left is so deranged they will do this with an election less then 11 months away.

Most Americans are proud and love their country and they will never forget that day.

Yet the nut job left wants us – the USA – punished. The adminstration is beholden to them and so will go along.

This trial will generate all sorts of news. People that follow the news vote.

 The elephant walk is coming or should I say stampede?

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Now what?

It’s too funny. The D’s are floundering and all they can do is accuse Republicans of wanting to go back to the “failed policies of George W. Bush”.

That’s not playing now and by November the voters will go who was George W. Bush? Barack is the President.

I lived through 6 awful years when my team got walloped but we soldiered on and now the cycle has turned in our favor.

I just wish one liberal would admit to that instead of playing the very quickly fading George W. Bush card.

When your playing defense – admit it.

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