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The GOP drubbed the D’s on Tuesday. Yea, yea NY 23 was a mess because it was a mess, but we when win NJ that says it all.

From 98 on the GOP in DE has been beaten up. W didn’t help and we were all crying in our Budweiser. Meeting after meeting we implored/explored and asked ‘why” – what we’re we doing wrong? We had hubris and remorse. We attended Mass and went to Confession looking for the answer as to why the public had dumped us. We knew we were out of favor and wondered why. We had self doubt. 

Until Tuesday.

 However, we were contrite. They are not. We were casting self aspersions. They say, “it’s nothing.” We examined history. They ignored it.

Come 2010 when the elephant march starts anew they will still be in denial. Lacking hubris, lacking modesty, lacking awareness.

The GOP grew fat and happy and were cut off when their arrogance elevated them from the people.

The Pelosi people are poised to make the same mistake.

Republicans need to focus on one word: jobs. Prolife/prochoice, progay/antigay need to be be set on the shelf.

We do that and we win because they are wrong on many issues but have great confidence they are right.

Ignorance is indeed bliss.


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