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WBOC 16, a Southern Delaware News Station, had an interview with the Lt. Governor a week ago about Delaware’s “stimulus” spending (The original web page can be found here). The report starts with video footage from earlier this year in which the Lt. Governor states that information would be going up on the site in “real time”. However, Jeremy Tucker, the WBOC reporter, notes that a recent report from the Lt. Governor shows that data is not going up in “real time”. The Lt. Governor’s excuse?

“Every state agency is trying to do the same stuff with fewer people.”

However, according to the Delaware Department of Labor’s own data, the State employed 31,100 employees last September and is employing 30,800 employees this September (The full report can be found here). The grand difference of 300 employees. Did the Lt. Governor’s office, as he is the “Stimulus Czar”, shed workers? Only if you count the Lt. Governor is himself as he is only a part time worker (although he still pulls down his full time $75,000 salary plus benefits). His day job can be found here. So, maybe the parttime employee that is not updating the website is the Lt. Governor, himself. However, I think that he is just making it up because he got caught on camera.

To give the Lt. Governor some coverage, though, maybe he was referring to former Secretary Vince Meconi. We have blogged about him before regarding “stimulus”. That post can be found here. The short story is that he has been hired by the Lt. Governor to do the “stimulus” work, but that no one in the Governor’s office seems to know how long Mr. Meconi’s contract is for or what he is actually doing.

In short, the “stimulus” oversight and implementation in Delaware is a failure. But never fear, the Lt. Governor points out that it will be fixed in “weeks rather than months because this is a priority and once we identify problems we try to jump on them pretty quickly.” Of course the last time I heard that a project was going to be solved in “weeks rather than months”, that was the Governor’s effort to make Delaware’s government more efficient. It has been a year since he was elected, and as I pointed out above, State Government is less than 1% smaller (the private sector is over 3% smaller). Anymore government efficiency, and we’ll become New Jersey.



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Tuesday’s election proved one thing: the GOP leaning suburbs have returned home.

In from 04 to 08 they were sick of war, well educated suburban moms especially were sick of war as were well educated Independents. They live in the suburbs.

After a year of Obamaism they have  have looked at their pocketbooks and decided that the party of personal prosperity aka the GOP is the way to go.

Christie won by 4 times that of Whitman in NJ in ’93. 4 times. When a Republican wins by that much depsite being outspent 4 to 1 it tells you the so called soccer moms have returned.

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