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Two friends heavily involved in starting a two new charter schools asked me to share this with all of you.

The first one will be named after Hon. Rosalie OBara who was the longest serving GOP female office holder (they think) as Clerk of the Peace. It will be in Browntown at the now closed St. Hedwig’s school.  It will be an elementary or middle school.

The second is DITcharter. www.dithcharterorg  It’s website provides information.

Gov. Pete duPont said in the fall of 1990, “that the day will come when parents demand choice in their son or daughter’s education. Charters, vouchers, and choice will become a common practice one day for parents who are realizing that they have choice in every aspect of child rearing except education. It’s discriminatory for only the well to do to be able to buy choice for their son or daughter.”

He’s right. 

(Please note that DOE needs to approve the applications being submitted next month.)


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A weighty matter.

Drumroll please, after intense demographic analysis I am opining that Chris Christie will win on Tuesday.

Here’s why: Corzine’s moronic ad poking fun at Christie’s weight insulted 2 0ut of every 3 Americans.

Dieting is a huge issue. Schools have banned soda and sugar products. The Nemours Foundation does workshops for schools to promote a healthy  lifestyle. Drug stores have entire rows of lose weight now supplments. Jenny Craig is a household name, a former FOOTBALL player hawks a weight loss where you can still “eat like a man’.

An ad that repeatedly shows Christie’s backside while the voice talks about him throwing his weight around will go down as the stupidest ad in a generation.

Christie will win by more than 4 points because no overweight person would ever admit to voting against Corzine because he insulted them. 

But in the booth they will make their opinion known. Overweight people are very sensitive about weight, Plus size dresses for women, the fat kid is always picked last in gym class. People grow up to be voting adults very self conscious about their weight.

Back in the eighties a candidate was admonished for wearing a shirt that made them look “fatter.” I heard the consultant say the word. The candidate turned green and said nothing but a meek ok. Fat people think that the thin people think, “well if they just exercised and cut out beer and pizza, it’s all a matter of choice, they’d be thin like me.”

When the New York Times busts on Corzine for the ad it’s bad for him.

Come Tuesday we’ll learn by how much.

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The expectations game.

Hmmm, poor put upon Bobby Gibbs, the White House defender of the truth now says Tuesday’s elections “don’t portend anything.”

Translation the GOP rocks in VA and nips the Wall Street banker in NJ.

This will be viewed as a rejection of state run socialism that The President, the former boxer turned Majority Leader and the San Francisco treat, Queen Pelosi are hell bent to give us.

Because I am cyncial I suspect the WH has it’s own internal polls which shows their in trouble.

To cry defeat before the game is over bodes poorly for them.

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