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It was standing room only at last night’s Brandywine GOP headquarters open house.  The new office in Plaza III On Marsh Road will be home to all of the region candidates next fall including Cloutier, Kovach, Lavelle, and Weiner.

The room was very excited about Mike Castle’s bid for US Senate.  Some came expecting a big announcement from either Greg Lavelle or Charlie Copeland, but neither of Brandywine Hundred’s favorite sons was ready to go public.

When put on the spot there was a lot of friendly banter – each laughed and said the other should run.  There were also some random outbursts from the crowd – “Charlie for Congress” and “Who cares what that Daily KOS poll says”.   At one point either Lavelle or Copeland suggested they take this out back.   So we are assuming instead of a primary this will be settled with a 1930’s style boxing match:

 Lavelle vs. Copeland?

Meanwhile the dark horse, Tom Kovach, was seen quietly working the room and avoiding the hoopla:

Tom Kovach

Also in the crowd was Jim Bowers, who would neither confirm nor deny another run for the 7th only saying “It’s a possibility”.   Ray Buchta, the Brandywine Region Treasurer and Chatham Civic Assoc. president, was also mum about his intentions but said there are several people interested in running for the 7th and they’ll “sort it out peacefully”.

Notably absent last night was the assumed 10th rep. district candidate, Bob Valihura.   As president of CCOBH, Valihura has been staying involved with the community but has not announced a re-election campaign yet.


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The new auto industry.

Allright I am pleased that the Administration is close to inking a deal for the GM plant. This is good.

However, I see no mention of the UAW being part of the deal.

What does this mean? No more labor union jobs building cars? I suspect not which is why the service industry is being targeted to keep membership high.

To paraphrase an old song, this is not your father’s car company.

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