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Ron Poliquin Website Launched

Ron Poliquin is running for State Rep. in the 31st (Dover) and launched his website last week:



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Joey Wise returns.

Joey Wise, the charlatan extraordinaire who ran the Christina School darn near into chapter 11 has returned to DE.

Mr. Wise taught 1 year of 7th grade music and then somehow became an educational leader.

Since being bounced from Christina after a short stint, he fled to Florida where he once again was removed and then fled to the Edison charter school group where he once again was asked to leave this summer.

But he’s back.

Now he has hired the former RCCSD Superintendent to lobby DOE to use the NWEA testing system from Washington State of all places as the new DSTP.

This contract will be worth millions.

Wise left Christina in the red to the tune of millions. We taxpayers got the bill. Christina teachers were jettisoned as a result. Many programs crashed as well.

The 17,000 kids in Christina were left with a few pencils and some old books  yet he got  a nice severance for the carnage he caused in Christina. People hired, promises broke, in fact he gave John Kowalko’s wife a sweet job paying over $100,000 per annum and she doesn’t hold any educational certification at all – but she was on the Christina School Board.

It’s time to stand up and protest our taxes being used to pay this charlatan.

As they used to say in Red Clay – do what’s right for kids.

No contract for Joey Wise.

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A lot has been said and done over the years to “prove” that we have strong teachers in the State of Delaware. Anyone who reads my posts know that I have always thought that we had excellent teachers in this State; they just are stuck working in a failed and broken system (A system which the Democrats, who have long controlled Dover, are loath to fix at the request of the Union). So, while our self-congratulatory political leaders have put higher & higher testing requirements on our students, more and more bureaucracy over our schools, and more and more national certification benefits onto certain teachers, we still do really stupid things in our schools.

One of the most absurd? Suspending a 6 year old Newark cub scout for bringing in his camping utensils. You can see the NY Times article here.

I’ve got an idea… Why not get rid of the bureaucracy and free our school leaders to do what they know how to do…. teach. Sorry kids….

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