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Thank you all for coming out today and for allowing me to serve Delaware. Most importantly, thank you to my wife, Jane, for her support and encouragement.

These are challenging times and we need common sense governing. On the economy, health care, national defense, or any critical issue that we face today, now is the time for independent voices and workable solutions that put people first, not politics.

It has never been more important for Delaware to have the strongest and most experienced leadership to represent us in Washington. We are best served by an experienced, independent voice and that is why I am announcing my intention to run for the United States Senate.

For more info, check out: http://www.castleforsenate.com/

With this announcement, my focus will remain representing Delaware’s interests in Congress. Our official campaign kickoff will come later.

In Delaware we have found ways to work together to solve problems. This is how I served as Governor and what I fight for everyday in the U.S. House of Representatives. With your support, I assure you it will remain my priority in the U.S. Senate.


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Here we go!

Pleased to hear Mike Castle is running for the US Senate.      I’m sure John Carney is too!   Christine O’Donnell, probably not so much.

So who will run against Carney for Castle’s old seat in the House?   This should be interesting!

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Below you will see a 4 minute video in which Senator Carper states why he won’t bother to read the legislative language of the healthcare bill. His justification is honest (and understandable), but it basically is admitting defeat that our Federal bureaucracy is too labrynthian to be understandable by mere mortals (or experienced Senators, who are much smarter than mere mortals). He even uses the word “incomprehensible”.

Nice to see that the Senator was honest, but I’d rather see him come up with a solution rather than just saying that we should trust the lawyer-code-writers… How does he know that his “natural language version properly reflects the code if it is “incomprehensible”? In the end, the code is the official document. Is that a legitimate defense in court? “I’m sorry your honor, but the code is incomprehensible.”

Maybe we should simplify the code as it exists, then maybe comprehension will come back to our goverment.

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