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Place your bets.

Hmmm, the President’s numbers are below 50% which is the (KOD – kiss of death, not fish as in COD) and the Potomac Pravda give Hillary a front page piece in Opinion on how she’s transforming foreign policy; not the skinny kid with big ears from Chicago.

50.00 more dollars of Charlie’s money says she quits after the D ‘s lose the Senate and 20 House seats; then forms a policy committee and come 2011 the primary from Hades occurs for the D nomination.

Never bet against Bonnie and Clyde. Slick Willie was outfoxed once. There won’t be a second.


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Our priorities.

Dang. I almost fell over this morning when I read that our tax dollars are being used to build a wall so that all of the trash at Cherry Island doesn’t tumble into the ocean.

There has to be a better way because a wall is only a temporary solution. In today’s world we need real answers because the quick fix no longer cuts it.

Now in case you aren’t aware the DWSA commissioners get paid good money for a part time job. (my able assistant Yolanda is off today otherwise I’d have the salaries)

They like Vince Meconi, do little while we deposit money into their checking account the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

However, they want mandatory recycling laws passed. Mandatory means the government once again tells us what to do. In today’s climate few elected officials in Dover are feeling that mandatory anything will go over with the voters, because in this case the harrried single mom would get fined if she didn’t segregate the items properly or put the green box in the blue container, etc. Naturally the fines would go the DSWA, I’m sure.

People are tired of fines and getting increasingly sick of government in general because they see evidence 24/7 as to how incompetent government is.

However, I’d bet 50.00 of Charlie’s money that the DSWA has yet to go to DuPont/Gore/the U of D/ etc to see if there is an entrepreneur out there who with some start up money and a lab could invent a composting style device to deal with the trash.

But no we instead protect the racino industry and figure that building a wall to stop trash from tumbling into the Atlantic is just fine because after all protecting a dying industry like horse racing is a priority.

Our motto use to be Small Wonder, now it’s Oh Well.

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