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That darn teleprompter.

Sigh……. if only the teleprompter had been there this wouldn’t have happened.

According to the President people in Washington get wee-wee’d up in August.

Wee – weed up?

Lacking the intellectual rigor to understand what on earth he’s talking about I can’t decipher it exactly but it sure sounds petulant, childish, sophomoric and a great deal like a child who isn’t getting his way and is very frustrated about it; after all DC isn’t Chicago.

Great leaders don’t discuss being wee – wee’d up.

JFK, FDR, Churchill, Reagan, Lincoln, etc, none of their memoirs ever referenced anything like this. They drank, had affairs and had very short fuses and were ruthless in dealing with their opponents but calling people in DC as being wee wee’d up? Is this presidential even?

If only the teleprompter had been there none of this would have happened.

Even ABC news is commenting on this. ABC.

How does anyone take anything he says after this comment seriously?


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