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Today’s musings.

As further empiracal proof that society continues to  lose it’s bearings I meekly offer the following:

This morning was the 4th car I’ve seen with PA tags on it yet sporting a bumper sticker announcing that their child is a superstar at the area public school.

Hmmmmm……………………if you’ve been in Delaware long enough to get your kid in school shouldn’t you have had time to get to motor v?

Or maybe school choice has really expanded it’s definition or …

the cynic in me said they’re here illegally using our tax dollars to teach their kid. (for the record American’s in Mexico get NO state funded services)

and ….

This morning after lecturing at the U of D, I entered the mens room where written placards are prominently placed throughout urging the basic tenets of sanitary behavior be adhered to.

Not Miss Smith’s 1st grade class – the University of Delaware.

I lack the capacity to opine further on either matter. Perhaps happy hour will come early today as a result.


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In the Wall Street Journal today, President Obama’s top economic advisor, Larry Summers, is quoted as saying “the unemployment rate — currently at 9.5% — is 1 to 1.5 percentage points higher than would be expected under one economic rule of thumb.” [emphasis added]

Back on March 16, I reported on this blog of the work done by a former business school professor of mine. The original post can be found here. Professor Harvey just ran the numbers and forecast an 11% to 12% eventual unemployment rate. He reconfirmed that number on July 3rd. You can see his blog post here.

So, Dr. Summers is using economic “rules of thumb” to run the economy? Hasn’t he ever heard of analysis? Is he not terribly good in math? Maybe President Obama ought to try someone else as his top economic advisor. Someone with innate skills in math and science — perhaps a woman. But don’t ask Dr. Summers for any recommendations because chances are it won’t be a woman. Remember, it was Dr. Summers who opined that innate differences might be the reason fewer women excel in math and science.

In Dr. Summers defense, maybe he was just using a rule-of-thumb then, too.

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