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Si Senor’

Please consume Dos Equos or a shot of Tequila before reading further.

The GOP needs to embrace Hispanic voters. Fast.

They are the fastest growing group in America averaging 4 to 5 kids per families. Their culture reveres marriage, God, and they are entreprenuerial. This is in addition to respect for family and authority.

The two most Republican RD’s in New Castle County have 2 parishes where a Hispanic Mass is celebrated every weekend. They attract 950 people every weekend.

There are 12 businesess on Maryland Avenue that are Hispanic owned . There are 11 on Route 40.

The President picked a Hispanic for the Supreme Court to reach out to this group. We instead whine about illegals.

Yes there are illegals and yes they clog our schools and emergency rooms but there are plenty here who aren’t illegal, who attend Mass, who start grocery stores and beauty shops and they are ones the GOP are allowing the D’s to steal. Once they’re gone they are not coming back and the GOP will be in the minority for a long time.

Hispanic culture is the same as Republican beliefs. Now who wants to extend the welcome mat? They are growing faster then anyone else and by 2050 will be the majority culture.

Another shot anyone?


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The End of WHYY Delaware Tonight

It looks like Delaware will lose it’s only nightly newscast next month – we hear July 17th is the last Delaware Tonight show. 

The News Journal has an article with some background information.     Here’s the most interesting part:

If the station spent less on its top executive — President William Marrazzo, whose compensation was $528,800 last year — and more on its news operation, it could still meet its public duty, Farrell said.

Once again (like Del-Tech) we have an organization that receives government funding with an overpaid top executive.  WHYY will get $500,000 from the State of Delaware this year (had gotten $600k in previous years).    They estimate the news operation of WHYY costs $1.6 million a year.

The word is that WHYY will close it’s Dover office, get rid of it’s current Wilmington studio and find a smaller space.  Some staff will be let go and others will transfer to Philadelphia.     A few will remain in Wilmington and produce some sort of weekly show in an effort to keep their license (WHYY is legally based in Delaware).

Maybe Joe Biden will come to the rescue and find some stimulus money for WHYY?  The national media comes to Wilmington to interview him now.  This past Sunday Meet the Press moved it’s operation to WHYY’s studio so they could have a Joe Biden exclusive.    It was good for the local economy – we had the Meet the Press crew staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants and mentioning Wilmington, Delaware on the air.

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Recently someone told me that they had heard about a proposal to pay each member of Congress one million dollars to retire. This would enable us to elect 535 new members. So, for a little over 1/2 billion, we would have a brand new Congress. I thought that an intriguing idea. So, that got me thinking about Delaware, and how this idea could work here. However, I think that it would be important to ensure that the problems of today aren’t just replicated in 20 years, which would require implementing term limits at the same time.

15 of 21 members of the State Senate have more than 10 years of tenure and 11 of 41 members of the State House are also in double digits. Let’s establish a 12 year term limit for State Legislators and at the same time buy-out anyone who has served 12+ years in 2010 (and offer to buyout the remainder of current members at that time or once they achieve 12 years), taxpayers will spend $62,000,000 to implement term limits, eliminate the Senate roadblocks and cronies, and take a huge step to bringing Delaware’s legislature back to accountability.

Worth thinking about, anyway…

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