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According to Greek history those schooled in the medical arts were instructed that first and foremost they were to do no harm to their patient. All in all a sound idea for who wants to see a physician that makes matters worse.

I only wish the Obamiams knew some Greek history, particularly the little ditty referenced above. If they did the tsunami of medical malpractice they are hoisting upon us may not happen. Alas they don’t and besides creating a new permanent class of dependent voters is probably far too much them to resist, for after all getting reelected is the goal even if is annihilates the best system of medical care in the world’s history.

In between the lofty platitudes – you have to admit this guy beats Reagan when it comes to platatuding (I have just patented this word) – the stories about how all Americans will now receive health care all of the time, etc, etc, etc will be rampant, even look for hospital executives singing the Hosanna’s of the plan – (they wish to avoid the fate of GM and Chrysler executives) – but there will be a few facts that the TelePrompTer fails to mention.   

Ok, the easy one. Your doctor will quit once he or she realizes that their ability to use their education and training to treat you has now been assigned to Joe the file clerk operating out of West Va ( gotta love Bobby Byrd the Pork King – you just got to) or Eastern Pa where John Murtha will soon get a Medical Assessment and Analysis Center built next to his airport that 4 people a week use, to decide if you really need that test or treatment or procedure.  Your Dr will email and wait and wait and wait and in the meanwhile you’ll get worse. This is known as cost preventative treatment. Your doctor is prevented from treating you thereby saving the cost of doing so. All right you may croak in the process but remember we all have to share in the sacrifice.

Then there is the impact on experimental treatments. Because Joe’s counterpart in the Medical Assessment and Analysis Center (LuAnn)will get a bonus for denying all experimental treatments, the chance of you getting the treatment you need will also go by the wayside. (tip – the insurance companies also do their darndest to do the same thing I’m ashamed to say)

This will in turn crush the drug companies capacity to make new drugs for why bother if you can’t make any money off it it. Sadly with few exceptions such as being a Franciscan Friar, few people are motivated by true altruism as in you have no worldly goods.

Now this also means places such as the Graham Cancer Center will also lose out because the doctor’s who do fantastic work there will soon realize that working at John Hopkins is a far better gig. They can no longer really treat patients thanks the dictates of Joe and LuAnn so what the heck go do research.

But wait because the cures that research brings will stop because the universities will no longer get huge NIH grants to fund such stuff; I predict that a surplus of biology and chemistry professors will soon occur as becoming a Dr loses it’s cachet thanks to Joe and LuAnn hitting delete on many of the email requests they get from YOUR doctor.

There are a few good things about the Obamian plan – the rich will still get boutique service as they do in England (In England there are no small portable oxygen carts as we have – just ask my Aunt. The British version of Joe called Jeeves informed her that due to her advanced age it was just far too costly to provide with that so she and my Uncle rarely go out. Same holds true for electric scooters) Rule Britannia!

And Congress will still be exempt from following the same laws we do and parents will save tens of thousands in dollars because their kid will no longer want to work for Joe and LuAnn at M.A.A.C. ( ALL federal agencies must have an acronym such as Freddie Mae)  by becoming a doctor.

The only question left is what do to with all of those soon to be empty school buildings? Now I know why Pat Harker wants a law school versus a medical one at the U of D. The Obamians love frivolous lawsuits, are against tort reform and the trial lawyers give quadrillions to them. Suppply and demand isn’t dead everywhere.

Now we could do health savings accounts, competitive pricing and allow people to make their own choices and a whole host of other free market things that would work but that doesn’t accomplish the real goal here which is to create a new constituency for the Obamians. Giving people real health care reform is merely a facade.

Now I know this is doing no harm to them but what about the rest of us?


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